Baby Face/Off

Whenever relatives and friends gather around babies talk inevitably turns to who the baby looks more like – mom or dad. (I say babies because the question clearly gets settled as they grow older.)

Almost everyone tells us Squishy looks like his maternal lolo (grandpa). It has something to do with the shape of his eyes, his big ears, his round face. His paternal lolo jokes that at least Squishy’s booming-adult-noise-level farts may come from his side of the family. 🙂

I feel it’s too early to call who the winner of this presumptive look-alike contest is. Is it…

Naked Hubby Baby?

lookalike 1e

or is it…

Serious Me Baby?

There’s one area I can be fairly sure Squishy will (mostly) take after me though. According to David Brooks’ ‘The Social Animal’:

The single strongest predictor of a person’s IQ is the IQ of his or her mother.

Setting aside the problems with IQ as a measure of intelligence, this is pretty good news.

Now when the time comes for Squishy to ask for help with the extra challenging homework kids seem to be dealing with these days I can, in good faith and on the basis of super solid scientific evidence, tell him: “Go ask your dad.”

Source: New Mom Comics
In our case, lolo. On point, hilarious comic from New Mom Comics (


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