#CheerioChallenge, Singapore-style

I saw the Cheerio Challenge on Life of Dad when it was just starting to go viral. *laughs and shakes head* It is such a dad thing to do.

From: Life of Dad (https://www.facebook.com/lifeofdad/)
From: Life of Dad (https://www.facebook.com/lifeofdad/)

Hubby and I thought, ‘Well, challenge accepted’ but Squishy is now in a face plant sleeping position phase — which means every five minutes or so he flips over on his tummy (while amazingly keeping some space to breathe) and in this flip-flop manner he manages to travel the length/breadth of the bed overnight.

face plant

So, since we’re co-sleeping, doing the challenge will most likely result in uncomfortable crumbs on the sheets.

Then there’s the other problem of Cheerios not being widely available in Singapore. Here are five readily available replacements wily parents can try stacking on their kids:

1. Haw Flakes – They already come pre-packed in tiny stacks!  Prying the wafers apart is another challenge altogether though.

Source: http://www.misstamchiak.com

2. Iced Gem biscuits – Minus the icing! (Dad can lick it off.)

Source: http://www.ladyironchef.com

3. Chocolate coins – If you have leftover ones from Chinese New Year (which I highly doubt), now is the time to bring them out!

Source: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg

4. Potato Wheels – Injecting a bit of savory to the list.

Source: http://sethlui.com

5. Curly Tops or Flat Tops – What’s the difference between the two? Who knows. Both sweet chocolate treats from the Philippines and both sneaky enough so you never know how many pieces you’ve actually eaten.

Source: http://weheartit.com

Happy Father’s Day to all the fun-loving, Cheerio-stacking, super dads out there!


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