Baby, Please Poop

It’s Singapore’s 51st birthday so… long weekend, yay! Had ambitious plans to bring the baby around to a few National Day events (okay, at least one) hosted across this tiny country.

But it’s Sunday already and we’ve been home, mostly. All because Squishy hadn’t pooped since Thursday.

Now, baby poop is one of the things you definitely won’t miss until it’s gone. 💩

We think the culprit could be the banana we mashed and introduced to him last week. Bananas are generally regarded as a “constipating food” (others include rice and cooked carrots), so I guess it’s best avoided unless baby is having soft stools.

I checked with my sister, a pediatrician. She suggested giving Squishy lactulose, to be mixed with his milk. (For dosage, check the bottle as formulations may differ.) In Singapore lactulose is available over the counter; Fairprice has two brands: Lactus (ICM Pharma) and Duphalac (Abbott).

We bought Lactus, which was slightly cheaper.
We bought Lactus, which was slightly cheaper.

If possible she suggested upping Squishy’s milk intake, and also suggested feeding him some natural laxatives such as prune juice or apple juice. According to Babycenter up to 6 ounces a day for babies older than 8 months can be given to treat constipation. (Good luck feeding your babies prune juice though — ours was squirming like he was being fed poison so we finally mixed an ounce secretly with his milk. Apple juice may be a more pleasant option for all involved.)

What amazed me about this whole ordeal was that I was the only one stressing about it. The little man was absolutely fine — giggling, screaming, crawling, and toddling around holding onto his playpen like things were a-OK. How is that possible?

Patient X, clearly suffering (also featuring his only, lonely tooth)

According to the bottle Lactus could take up to 48 hours to hit. It was almost the end of Day 2 with no results. In Singapore, all clinics are closed on Sundays so if we wanted to see a doctor today our only option would be to go to one of those 24-hour emergency walk-ins at the hospital. Since Squishy didn’t look disturbed at all so I doubted we’d be treated as a genuine emergency.

Cabin fever was taking its toll so I suggested taking him outside for a walk. When we were on our way back I thought I caught a fart-y whiff — it turns out he had done the deed quietly while we were out and about.

Finally! Let the (rest of the) long weekend begin.


2 thoughts on “Baby, Please Poop

    1. Thanks — it sounds pretty good! I liked the line “Do the best you can son, in the boat you have to row.” 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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