To the Good Days, and the Not-so-Good Ones

To all parents: there will be good days and not-so-good days.

Good days:

  • That beautiful, beautiful baby laugh that never seemed to end.

  • A smooth feeding. (With a good muscle flex at the end.)

  • A long and satisfying nap, after which he wakes up ready for more play.

The not-so-good days:

  • That stab of guilt when baby keeps looking at you as you prepare to leave for work. The feeling lurks in your thoughts throughout that day.
  • An unusually long cry-a-thon. You know (and suspect baby knows too) he’s tired, but he just. Won’t. Stop. Crying. You summon the gods of Calm and Patience. You think zen thoughts so he doesn’t catch your increasingly darkening mood.
  • Someone mentions in passing that he looks kind of skinny. Your mind wrinkles with worry. He’s a fussy eater, and will gag on purpose if he doesn’t like what he’s eating. You blend some chicken with broccoli and brown rice powder for him, but he refuses to eat. You go back to boxed cereal. You wonder if it’s enough. Or if you’re enough.
  • Baby’s strange habit that worries you a little bit, then worries you even more once you start exploring the rabbit hole that is medical sites on the internet (where every cough is a harbinger of doom).

I won’t end this post with a cliché conclusion such as “Everything happens for a reason” (no, it doesn’t) or a tired thought like “Things will get better” (while it very well might, that’s beside the point).

I only say, quite plainly, that such days will come – for everyone.

Relish the good days.

And for the rest:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.


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