The Post-Baby Pooch

I remember seeing that photo of Kate Middleton exiting the hospital after giving birth to Prince George and thinking “Wtf, she looks like she just stepped out of a day spa.”
I’m sure she has an army of hairdressers and makeup artists at her beck and call, but it still doesn’t make average mamas like me – who literally felt (and looked) like a bloated whale after pushing a baby out, any better.

That said, one looks forward and moves onward.

It’s been nine months since that fateful day, and my weight has kind of plateaued at around +5 lbs pre-pregnancy (which wasn’t my ideal weight to begin with). I’m struggling here.

The struggle isn’t helped by the fact that I also have diastasis recti, a condition wherein the ab muscles have separated, resulting in a so-called “mom pooch.”

(To test whether you have diastasis recti too, try this self-check.)

It makes me look like I’m still preggers, hence a bit of confusion with the lovely ladies at the MRT station in the mornings who help pregnant and disabled folks get seats on the train.

(I’ve finally clarified with the train lady who usually hangs around near my usual door that I’m done giving birth. “Ooh, when?” she asked. “Erm, recently,” I said while sprinting away to a different train door. I wasn’t about to tell her exactly how long ago.)

I’m working on the pooch though, with the help of exercises, including this soothing video:

(You probably already know this, but some traditional core exercises like crunches, planks, burpees, etc. are NOT recommended when you have diastasis recti. These will only make it worse.)

I also refer to handy visual aids like these:

Tummy is definitely a work in progress for the foreseeable future.

It definitely won’t be a Kate Middleton, but hopefully the next time the MRT lady sees me she’ll leave me alone.


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