The First Year

Facebook: “Hey, here’s a moment from one year ago we thought you might like to look back on.”

It was Squishy’s baby shower, exactly one year ago.

baby shower 1

baby shower 2

I love Facebook’s On This Day feature. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it, On This Day reminds you of things you posted, Facebook friends you made, or photos you were tagged in on a given day. It’s a bit like time traveling: you can “talk” to your old self by commenting on your posts.

I can’t believe it’s almost a year since Squishy was born. Time flies. I know, cliché, but it’s true. It feels like only yesterday when I was picking out the cupcakes for the baby shower, getting ready to go to the hospital to be induced, and crying with sheer exhaustion from lack of sleep in those early weeks.

Now the little baby’s walking around in his squeaky sandals, licking everything he can get his hands on, keeping up monosyllabic conversations (“Ta-ta-ta? Ta!”), and losing his baby fat.

Squishy’s not as squishy any more.

Looking back over his first year, here’s my…

  • NAY (thought it was important, but turns out it’s not, really),
  • SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA (I wish I did more of this), and
  • YAY (glad I did it, and will do it again for my next kid!)


The breastfeeding thing. I had great plans of skin-to-skin contact and immediate latching when Squishy was born. As I wrote almost a year ago, all that came crashing down in the post-birth stress. I’ve since discovered the “middle path” of exclusive pumping and am now firmly in the #FedIsBest camp.

My pump and trusty pumping log
My pump and trusty pumping log

Writing about the experience. I know, I know… with an extra hour free while baby’s asleep you’d much rather sleep too. I would. 🙂

But I read something like this, which I wrote in June…

[Squishy] – He’s almost 7 months now. He’s not a fussy baby thank god. He cries when he needs something – his diaper changed, a nap, a bottle of milk, a hug. His appetite has increased to about 1L of milk everyday so we really have to supplement with solids. He laughs at the drop of a hat: at seemingly random things like holding the ice pack from my cooler bag, [Hubby] thumping on the leather sofa, chicken sounds (puk-pukaaak!), playing peek-a-boo from behind a fan, me blowing on his tummy, tickles at the bottom of his feet.

… and wish I wrote more. I read it and I remember how it felt, and while there are photos to show me what we were doing then I like reading these few journal entries because (and to misquote from 50 First Dates): “when l read it, it’s like l’m telling myself.”

first year

And speaking of photos…

YAY and yay some more…

Taking so many photos. It was an accidental tradition, the weekly photo-taking and celebration of a “week-sary” every Tuesday, the day Squishy was born. We sent the photos to our families back home and it kept them connected with Squishy. Taking “mandatory” photos forced us to pay attention to how quickly time was passing (“What! Is it really – weeks already!”) and appreciate the day-to-day.

These photos are my visual keepsakes from Squishy’s first year – all that’s left of a year that went by too fast.



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