A Late Hello, 2017

I blink and it’s March. Squishy is not so squishy anymore; he’s definitely crossed over into toddler territory now I think. Maybe I should start calling him LS – Less Squishy – heh. He has also, somehow, accumulated around 60-odd words (yes, the O.C. in me counted) ranging from mangga (mango) to calculator (“Kata-kata!”), enjoys trips to labas (outside), and loves pointing out all the cars, buses, and trucks (“Tuck!”) that pass outside our window.

I realize that the words Squishy knows (and loves) to say are what he sees around him everyday. A city boy, through and through.

Since I last posted we’ve spent days in cold places…

Bundled up – Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

And days in warm ones…

Sand play in Boracay

There were days spent with family…

Inang teaching Squishy how to “bless” (mano)

And days when it was just us.

Lazy day at home trying to chat with Siri from a locked phone.

I’m sorry I haven’t been diligent in posting. I blame work. (Cue the helpless shrug and a big HOLLA to all the working mamas in the room *fist bump*).

Squishy and I are back and we owe you guys a giveaway. Stay tuned!

Rolled mat = instant crawl tunnel = FUN

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