That Time of the Year

I truly love December. It’s like the equivalent of the year’s weekend — everyone seems more relaxed. This year we put up a small tree, even if we’re flying back to the Philippines for Christmas. BB was taken by it the first few days it was up. He referred to it as “Mommy’s plant.”

I also find myself looking back on the past twelve months this time of the year. If January feels like a fresh start (“Let’s draw up a list of New Year resolutions that look suspiciously similar to last year’s list!”), December is more for reflection.

2017 was, for me, a year of the same, a year of difference, and a year of in between. I am grateful — to reach the (almost) year-end with a growing, talkative and rowdy toddler, a roof over my head, Hubby next to me maximizing our new-ish Netflix subscription, and the prospect of lechon and our traditional baked chicken in a week’s time, shared with family, intact.

What have I done this year? How have I moved forward, how have I changed? What will I remember most about 2017? Drop me a note in the comments!


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